Team Building

What we do:
  • Team development
  • Group activities
  • Flexible programme
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We know that using the 'Outdoors' as a vehicle for developing teams is not about getting wet, sky diving or pot-holing! We want to improve your team's performance not test your employees nerves. We want to make you work more effectively not make you cry.

Team building tasks

A selection of fun and non threatening tasks allow you to share success through enjoyable activities away from your workplace. 

Team building activities

Come for a shared adventure with your colleagues. sailing, kayaking, coasteering, climbing, orienteering, abseiling and more.  


If you choose to review each task our tutors will help develop team work skills such as group support, understanding, empathy and tolerance. 

What you'll learn

Our team building sessions cover:

  • Situational Leadership
  • Non verbal communication and the limit of emails
  • Learning styles
  • Kolb's cycle (plan-do-review)
  • Challenge and support
  • The four stages of competency
  • Levels of empowerment

 Pick your day

 Low Adventure

Our low adventure program incorporates a selection of non-threatening challenges, aimed at getting your team to communicate and work together in a variety of different styles.

we will use a variety of activities and challenges, mainly based on site. Our tutors will introduce a variety of team work skills and aim to create discussion points for your team to self assess their teams.

High Adventure

Our high adventure days will allow you to take on a challenge with your team. You can choose to do any of the adventurous activities we provide.

This can be a variety of different activities with varying levels of challenge, from our 20m Abseil on Portland to Sailing in Weymouth bay in our Hawk 20 yacht or sailing dinghys 

A typical programme

  • 9:00 Arrive for tea and coffee
  • 09:30 -12:30 Short tasks and reviews
  • 12:30-13:30 Lunch
  • 13:30-15:30 Large afternoon task
  • 15:30-16:30 Relating the days lessons back to the workplace

Planning your programme 

  1. Select the best day for the event
  2. Calculate the number of people taking part.
  3. Identify your learning outcomes
  4. Contact WOEC
Your always welcome to visit us to look around before you book.