What we do:
  • High and low adventure Team building
  • Room Hire
Weymouth OEC
Team Building
Room Hire

Weymouth OEC has a range of corporate services we can offer your business.

Fun day - £212 per team

Team challenges with guaranteed giggles. Be as active as you choose. Ideal for any level of physical ability. 30 tasks to choose from!

Team building £35 per person

Add a facilitated, relaxed review to each task & input on team dynamics & you're ready for some fun & productive team development

Team  activities

Come for a shared adventure with your colleagues. Sailing, kayaking, coasteering, climbing, orienteering, abseiling and more 

£212 per team per half day

 A team is usually 8 people 

Room hire

We have a variety of rooms available to be hired, by arrangement. 

Team building

Our team building session can cover:

  • Situational leadership
  • Non verbal communication and the limit of emails
  • Learning styles
  • Kolb's cycle (plan-do-review)
  • Challenge and support
  • The four stages of competency
  • Levels of empowerment

Room Hire

We have a variety of rooms that are all available for hire during the day, evening or weekends by arrangement.

  • Entire centre
  • Classrooms
  • Sports hall
For more details on our room hire options click here